About Foundation

Boris Divković Foundation was established in 2013 with the aim to improve political science and political practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation will promote responsible politics that would serve all citizens and act on the principles of equality, coexistence and solidarity. The vision of the Boris Divković Foundation is marked with the focus to comply political activities with basic moral principles, which was the idea for which Boris Divković advocated throughout his engagements. Decade-old ruling of irresponsible politics led to the widespread believe that the combination of morality and politics is impossible. The Boris Divković Foundation assumes that it is possible and necessary to carry out an ideological decontamination of the concept of politics in the public space, which would create conditions for the involvement of honest and responsible people in the political processes of BiH.



Anela Lemeš

Executive director

Sasa Vasic

Program coordinator

Jasmina Mršo

Project assistant

Sasa Vasic

Program coordinator

Alen Krstić

Professional associate



-Steering Committee-


Dino Mustafić



Valida Repovac-Nikšić

President of The Steering Committee


Darko Rubčić | Vjekoslav Domljan | Arijana Aganović | Amina Ahmetagić

Members of The Steering Committee