II Module of the Third Academy of the Political Responsibility Completed
May 28, 2017
II module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) Completed
July 18, 2017

Activities within Schools in Connections project

In the past period, one more goal of the Schools in Connection project has been accomplished. Since the quality of the old internet connection did not fulfill the necessary requirements, the means for the reconstruction of the internet network for the Primary School Srednje have been provided in cooperation with the ONE WORLD citizens from Netherlands, our partner organization on the project. The final goal of the investment is to have the internet network cover the whole school area, including the main building and the three regional schools, which means that the students, the teachers and the School’s management can, without any technical interruptions, carry out the activities related to the primary purpose of this institution, i.e. education.

Added to this, during our last visit to school, we discovered that several final year students could not join the senior excursion due to the financial reasons. For this reason, Boris Divkovic Foundation launched a petition for helping these students join their generation on a daily trip, where the students would be able to celebrate the end of their primary education. We are happy to say that we have managed to realize this plan with the help of our partner institution ONE WORLD citizens.

‘Considering the fact that, due to the given circumstances, the final year students could not go together to their senior excursion, the alternative was to have all students enjoy a daily trip. However, for several students, these reduced fees were also impossible to be covered; thus, we have decided to pay the trip costs for those students who were not in the position to do so themselves. In this way, all students have been able to celebrate the end of their primary education together’, said Izudin Karic, the Schools in Conncetion Project Coordinator.