The fourth Academy of political responsibility finalized
April 3, 2018
Schools in Connection: Primary School Srednje will get a New Biology Classroom
July 24, 2018

APO II module

The second module of the Academy of Political Responsibility Boris Divkovic has been held at the Franciscan Monastery St. Bonaventure in Visoko on April 20-21 2018. The lecturers at the Academy were the esteemed professors, representatives of the political and public scene, including: Dr. Nerzuk Curak, Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo; Dr. Nasiha Pozder, Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo; Dr. Sarin Bakic, Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo; Frater Drago Bojic, theologian; Jasminka Bjelavac, Heinrich Böll Stiftung; Mihaela Jovanović, Municipal Court Zivinice; as well as Alen Kristic, Theologian and associate of Boris Divkovic Foundation. The goal of the second module of the Academy was to thoroughly explore the topics of: Historical myths as the basics of the nationalistic ideology – case of South-Eastern Europe, Religious Social Sciences, as the forgotten socio-political capital, and also, the detailed portraits of the important figures were presented, including: Bogić Bogićević, Heinrich Böll, Dorothy Stang, Alva Myrdal, Hélder Câmara and Dag Hammarskjöld. The special attention was paid for the ecological topics, such as the Possibilities and the Obstacles of the Green Transition, the Ecological Tradition and Legislative of B&H, and the Political-Social Capitalization of the Various Ecological Resources. With the responsible approach, political act and running the educational programmes designed for the young politicians, students of the political and other social sciences and the representatives of NGOs, we try to accomplish better and more responsible political participation of the youth. Boris Divkovic Foundation aims to prepare youth for the political act though its educational programmes and activities organized though its work, while promoting not only the idea of dialogue but the idea of moral and responsible politics.