II Module of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) completed
March 17, 2017
I Module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) completed
April 10, 2017

Boris Divkovic Foundation successfully completed its first Regional Liberal Political Academy

The third as well as the last module of the first Regional Liberal Political Academy of Boris Divkovic Foundation has been completed with the resent study visit to Brussels. The participants of this academy are the young liberals from the region including the Youth Forum of Naša Stranka and the youth organization of the liberal parties from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro. The aim of the academy is to connect the young adults from the region and provide them the education so that they can become the effective democratic leaders of their countries.

‘Through the tree modules of the Regional Liberal Political Academy we have discussed the most important topics that relate to liberalism and politics of the regional countries. The culmination of this academy is the cooperation and the firm network of the young adults that has been established. We are all, in a way, the future leaders in the region and it is very important that we understand and respect each other and that we maintain a healthy communication. Fortunately, through these three modules we have gained more than just the cooperation, as most importantly, we have become friends. As the result this academy, we already have some ideas in our minds to work on and they guarantee our joint future activities. Currently, there is nothing similar to this academy in the region, and this first generation has proven that the young adults are quicker in establishing collaboration and that they can produce brilliant ideas if given a platform and the opportunity to work. I find that the national parties of the region have maintained their major impact for too long and now it is the time to work on strengthening the liberal parties and better future of all these countries. The best way to succeed in this plan is to educate and connect their ‘youngest’ members who are the only entry ticket for the better future,’ said Lamija Tiro, a participant of the academy.

During their stay in Brussels, the young adults have had the opportunity to visit European Parliament and talk with the parliamentarians about the important and current issues in the world and Europe, as: EU politics on refugees and migrations, Brexit, the development of the regional countries in the process of European integration, etc. Parliamentarians Ilhan Kyuchyuk from Bulgaria, Ivan Jakovcic from Croatia, Federick Federley from Sweden with whom the academy participants have discussed these topics are the members of the ALDE group of liberal parties within the European Parliament. The participants have also visited the location of the ALDE party and talked with the Philip Hansen and Andrew Burgess about the status of the liberal parties and liberal ideology in current European surroundings.

Added to this, the visit to the consultant company B2EU and the conversation with their Executive Director Ahmed Turkic and former Swedish parliamentarian Anna Ibrisagic has also been a very interesting experience. The focus of the program was not on the theory only, as the participants were given a task to organize mini projects on one of the topics discussed earlier at the academy.

Regional Liberal Political Academy will continue with its work, and second generation of the academy participants is already planned for the next year #RLPA 2.