II module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) Completed
July 18, 2017
The first module of the third generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy completed
April 3, 2018

Boris Divkovic Foundation successfully finalized the Second Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA)

The third and final module of the second Regional Liberal Political Academy has been finalized with the study visit to Brussels. The representatives of the seven political parties have participated at the Academy, coming from the liberal parties of Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On behalf of the Croatia, the members of the HNS and IDS parties participated, Montenegro was presented by the members of LPCG, the participants from Macedonia are members of the LDP, from Serbia the participants came from LDP and Nova Stranka parties, whereas Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented by the members of Nasa Stranka.
‘There is no doubt that the obtained new knowledge and skills will help us in the local political act at our parties, and we believe that we can change a lot. With each new lecture and discussion, as well as with mutual gatherings, a piece of insecurity has been left behind. At the end of the Academy, as we deprived fear from failure, we have welcomed the idea of further cooperation and set the new goal – after the final project realization at the countries, we would like to realize a bigger – regional project,’ said Aleksandra Milinovic, the participant of the second generation of RLPA and member of IDS from Croatia.
During our visit to Brussels, the participants had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament and discuss with the parliamentarians the current important issues in the World and Europe, namely: the politics of EU towards the refugees and the migrations, Brexit, the issue of referendum in Catalonia, improvement of the regional countries in the process of EU integrations. Added to this, within this project we visited the NATO headquarters where we have discussed with their representatives the regional stability and process of joining NATO, membership, etc.
Regional Liberal Political Academy continues with its work next year, when the third generation of the participants is expected to join the Academy #RLPA 3