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August 20, 2018
Second module of the fifth academy of political responsibility completed
April 22, 2019

Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Boris Divkovic Foundation organized a roundtable discussion in Srebrenica on 7th of April 2019. in the Culture Centre in Srebrenica, on the topic “Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not equally represented in all social and political aspects, even though they are legally guaranteed with the gender equality which is not being implemented. About jurisdiction and legal relation in this field, as the introductory word, had the moderator of this panel, the representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirjana Lepic-Marinkovic: “Even though the quotas do exist, the percentage of women on political positions in decision-making processes is still devastating low, which leads us to the conclusion that also their possibilities in taking initiatives is very weak and unsupported by the leading political structures.” Explained Mirjana Lepic-Marinkovic.
Boris Divkovic Foundation gathered three women that bravely entered into the adventure of entrepreneurship, determined to start their own businesses and to be independent, those are: Mevlida Mehanovic, president of the Organization of women returnees “Podrinjka” from Srebrenica, Arnela Horman-Drkenda, co-owner of the brand “Pepetuska” handmade dolls from Sarajevo and Amela Jusufovic, Pastry Chef entrepreneur from Tuzla. All of the three women entrepreneurs agreed that they have common problems which are the lack of support of governmental structures, complex administrative procedures while starting private businesses and of course the marginalization of women in the sphere of entrepreneurship throughout the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.