The first Collection of Papers issued by the Boris Divkovic foundation will present the selection of topics and papers from the Third Academy of Political Responsibility, held in November, 2016 and second module of the Academy held in May, 2017.

It will contain the selected lectures, texts and essays written by the lecturers, professors and representatives of the political and public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dr. Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović, Dr. Dino Abazović, fra Ivan Šarčević, Alen Kristić, Besima Borić, Amela Sejmenović, Željko Ivanković, Dr. Vjekoslav Domljan, Dr. Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, Sabina Ćudić, MSc, Sarina Bakić, Dino Mustafić, Dr. Nasiha Pozder, fra Drago Bojić  and Jasminka Bjelavac have actively participated in the Academy.

Collection of Papers