Boris Divković Foundation was established in 2013 with the aim to improve political science and political practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation will promote responsible politics that would serve all citizens and act on the principles of equality, coexistence and solidarity.

The vision of the Boris Divković Foundation is marked with the focus to comply political activities with basic moral principles, which was the idea for which Boris Divković advocated throughout his engagements. Decade-old ruling of irresponsible politics led to the widespread believe that the combination of morality and politics is impossible. The Boris Divković Foundation assumes that it is possible and necessary to carry out an ideological decontamination of the concept of politics in the public space, which would create conditions for the involvement of honest and responsible people in the political processes of BiH.


Boris Divkovic Foundation Projects


Boris Divković is born on 19 of July1981. in Tuzla. He graduated from Franjevacka  gymnasium in Visoko 2000. and Faculty of theology in Sarajevo 2006. He worked in Svjetlo rijeci and Radio of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Boris was chosen for vice president of Nasa stranka at the gathering assembly on 05 April 2008. He died in Zagreb on 19.November 2011.