EU Mentorship, Module I
October 28, 2019
EU Mentorship, Module III
October 28, 2019

EU Mentorship, Module II

On August 30th, all participants gathered at the Inat kuca in Sarajevo.
The training was lead by Robert Farla (Coordinator Diplomatic Network, Former D66 Board Member and Dutch diplomat) from D66 International and Teresa Reiter (Policy Advisor for EU affairs, foreign policy, defence, migration and development cooperation), from Neos lab.
After first module, all participants had a task to write Reverse Progress Reports. First part of the day, the focus was on Reverse Progress Reports and commenting on submitted reports. Also, we talked about corruption and how to deal with corruption within our counties. Second part of the day, Phd Tahir Mahmutefendic, professor from Sarajevo School of Science and Technology talked about Economic reforms and financial funding. Professor Mahmutefendic explained the basic economic concepts in modern economy.
Phd Sarina Bakic, Sociologist and lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences (Department for sociology), presented Cultural and National Branding. Professor Bakic pointed out importance of branding on every level (from self-branding to national branding). Green Policies and Rural Development was the closing topic given by Sebastian Beiglbock from NEOS. Discussion and wrap up at the end of the module II was done by the Ms Anela Lemes and Ms Jasmina Mrso, both from the Boris Divkovic Foundation.