CPLA, Online Module
July 7, 2020
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EU Mentorship online session – Reverse report Zoom meeting 22 nd of July 2020

Together with our second-generation participants of the EU Mentorship program we have discussed what are the next steps when it comes to their Reverse report writings. Introduction into the session and moderation of the discussion was led by Nejra Vreto, Program Coordinator of the Boris Divkovic Foundation and Jasmina Mrso, Project Coordinator of Boris Divkovic Foundation and hosts of the discussion were Robert Farla – Coordinator of the Diplomatic Network, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Andrew Burgess – Senior Political Advisor in ALDE, Lauren Mason, Project Officer of the European Liberal Forum (ELF). 


Jasmina has presented documents where our participants can find the country reports of European Commission, thus they had a task to analyze 2019 country reports and try to choose some topics for the Reverse report that they will be working on. Participants were divided into the breakout rooms based on their countries and they had around 15 minutes to discuss about the possible topics and then they had to present it on the Menti and which chapter from the report they will be focusing on. 

Our participants will have a chance to work on their Reverse reports for the next two months and afterwards present their work in the European Parliament during the third and final module in Brussels by the end of October.