APO 6, Module II, April 2020
May 10, 2020
EU Mentorship Programme: Western Balkans – A Chance for the EU
May 14, 2020
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EU Mentorship online session – Zoom meeting 29th of April 2020

Discussion – EU and the Western Balkans in the time of COVID-19: Problems and challenges

We have discussed the problems and challenges that countries of the Western Balkans are currently faced with, in relation to the EU support and expected outcomes of this COVID-19 outbreak. Introduction into the session and moderation of the discussion was led by Nejra Vreto, Program Coordinator of the Boris Divkovic Foundation and hosts of the discussion were Robert Farla – Coordinator of the Diplomatic Network, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Andrew Burgess – Senior Political Advisor in ALDE, with the final words and wrap up from Jasmina Mrso – Project Coordinator of Boris Divkovic Foundation.
Discussion was very fruitful and helpful in order to finalize and shape our next steps in the development of our online activities. We have invited also the first-year generation of EU M. participants in order to discuss this very important topic and participate in our following activities. The final output from this discussion was to define the interest of each participant for the organization of the podcast session which will be firstly developed with the help of ELF podcast and later on organized by us, seemingly with the help of ELF.
Therefore, we have discussed and recognized the following topics as crucial: health system, in relation to the WB countries and EU, as well as the liberal response to the COVID-19 crisis. We would like to cover topics such as the future of European Union and discuss the EU legislation when it comes to the respect of the human rights, in the context of European Convention of the Human rights. Inevitably, we will cover economics and needed measures for the recovery of all countries of WB, but EU as well and what kind of support it could give to those countries.
The continuation of the online activities is planned for the mid May.