Second module of the fifth academy of political responsibility completed
April 22, 2019
Progressive Politics in Western Balkans (ProgWeB)
July 26, 2019

EU Mentorship training I module

Boris Divkovic Foundation together with partners D66 International and European Liberal Forum, organized an EU Mentorship training in Vienna, Austria, hosted by Neos Lab during the weekend 7-9th June 2019. Training was organized for the representatives of the Western Balkans, current MPs and Presidents of the political parties from all around the region including: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.
Aim of the training was to provide needed support and first-hand experience in EU integration processes, given by the trainers from D66 International from the Netherlands and Neos Lab from Austria. Goal of the EU Mentorship training was to prepare and inspire political activists into getting ready for the EU processes and making necessary changes in the countries which they are representing, thus make a strong network among the Western Balkans and strengthen the capacity in their political parties.
During the I module of EU Mentorship training, participants had an opportunity to learn deeply about the history of European Union, its main institutions and how they function, all that under the umbrella of EU rule of law. Furthermore, all participants had a chance to actively participate and analyse where their countries stand in the run up process for the EU accession along with developing the agenda how they can adjust their party programmes to meet the EU requirements. Another two modules will be developed and implemented until the end of this year.