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May 31, 2017
Boris Divkovic Foundation successfully finalized the Second Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA)
October 19, 2017

II module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) Completed

Boris Divkovic Foundation in cooperation with Centre Party International Foundation (CIS) from Sweden organized the II module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy in Belgrade in the period July 03 to July 7.
The Academy participants are the young future politicians from the liberal parties of the Western Balkans. The goal of this Academy is the empowerment of the young, politically active, adults with the knowledge and skills useful for their further political engagements not only within their political parties, but in the overall politics of their home countries as well.
‘The differences and divergences in our region are in most cases the factor of separation, different countries, nationalities, names, religions. The participants of RLPA are the positive example of the method of joining the difference and promoting the equality of each individual. As the participants of the RLPA, our homework is to prevent the difference to cause the separation, and to use this knowledge for the promotion of all the citizens from the countries of our region,’ said Marinko Sinje, the participants of the second generation of the RLPA.
The second module program covered the topics that relate to the political campaign, the practical overview of the organization and implementation of the political campaigns. Also, the part of this module was also the visit to the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia where we had the opportunity to talk with the Assembly members.