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July 24, 2018
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April 8, 2019

Schools in Connection: Dialogue for Inclusion

After the successful completion of the We Grow Together programme in cooperation with our partner ONE WORLDcitizens organization, the Boris Divkovic Foundation continues with its planned activities. Namely, our representatives and the students of the Primary School Srednje will participate at the conference Dialogue for Inclusion held in Eindhoven from September 11 to September 15. Similarly to We Grow Together programme, the European Commission has supported the conference as well. ‘At the conference Dialogue for Inclusion, we will discuss the issue of youth migration, who leave their countries for various reasons. Considering the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has been facing the problems of migration of the citizens who are at their prime working age, it is essential that the young people, representatives of the political parties and the local authorities participate at the conference and thus present their views on this topic,’ explained Izudin Karic, the programme coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The pupils of the Primary School Srednje are already working on creating ideas and recommendations for the European migration agenda. ‘This is a unique opportunity that the students influence on the improvement of the integration and the migration prevention. It is very important to emphasize that around 100 participants from different world countries will attend the conference. In this way, pupils from the Primary School Srednje will have the opportunity to connect with the pupils from France, Nepal, Sweden, Kurdistan and Austria, which proves the importance of this international project, and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the coming conference,’ said Karic. The introduction of the students who participate at this and other activities organized by the Boris Divkovic Foundation and ONE WORLDcitizens is coming shortly.