Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 8, 2019
EU Mentorship training I module
June 11, 2019

Second module of the fifth academy of political responsibility completed

Our fifth generation completed the second module of the fifth Academy of Political Responsibility 13-14. April in Visoko, under the organization of Boris Divkovic Foundation. On the first day, our participants had an opportunity to listen the lectures about the regional politics of memory, populism and migrant crisis, among the others contemporary social-political challenges. We also spoke about art as an integrational part of political (non)culture in the region, with the focus on art as a tool of socialization in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Završno predavanje vodila je predavačica Jasmina Bjelavac ispred Heinrich Boll Stiftung organizacije, koji su takodjer naši partneri, a govorilo se o zelenoj energetskoj tranziciji u Bosni i Hercegovini, te o njenim izazovima i preprekama. Učesnici su aktivno učestvovali u diskusiji te postavili pitanje da li je Bosna i Hercegovina spremna za zelenu energetsku tranziciju te koliki je još put ispred nas?
The final lecture was held by Jasmina Bjelavac on the behalf of Heinrich Boll Stiftung organization, who are also our partners, and she spoke about green energetic transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, its challenges and obstacles. Participants actively participated in the discussion, thus they posed a question Is Bosnia and Herzegovina ready for a green energetic transition and how long will it take for us to get there?
On the second day, we spoke about the sources of political imagination, thus we organized the workshop on the topic Analysis of the political portraits of women that have received the Nobel prize for peace. Another honoured guest was Lana Prlic, vice president of SDP and Representative in the Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who spoke about the personal experience and the challenges she faced during her fight for gender equality in politics. Second module of fifth Academy was finished with the lecture about the effects of digital revolution on the political culture, political structure and processes on the regional but also global level.