I Module of the second generation of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) completed
April 10, 2017
II Module of the Third Academy of the Political Responsibility Completed
May 28, 2017

The continuation of the project ‘Schools in Connection’: Workshops and new laptops in the Primary School Srednje


With the visit to the Primary School Srednje last week, the activities on the project ‘Schools in Connection’ have been continued. Together with Izudin Karic, Project Coordinator, the Executive Director of the One World Citizens organization, Ms. Monique Van Dam, has also visited the school.

‘We have installed the licensed Office packages for the school as well as the Bit de Fender software for the laptops that are donated to the pupils of the Primary School Srednje and the regional schools within the Schools in Connection programme. This project has the educational form and it has helped this school to get adequate and good-quality equipment for the lesson organization’, said Izudin Karic.

The pupils of the Primary School Srednje have participated at the Youth and Rights Rap Challenge workshop, organized by the Dutch rap performer Jermain Bridgewater.

‘The workshops have been dedicated to the promotion of knowledge on global objectives, initiated by the UN. The video clips have been recorded and currently we have a competition for the best video clip. The winner will be awarded with the symbolic prize’, said Karic.

‘We plan to reconstruct the internet network for the Primary School Srednje in April, and this is extremely important for the isolated regional schools. Added to this, we will work on projecting a Green Classroom in April, which is also one of the project goals, as well as on ensuring the equipment for the school classrooms for the practical education’, emphasized Karic.

Within the project Schools in Connection, the organization of the participating group is currently run and they will join several workshops that will be focused on IT domain.