Notification: The Academy of the Political Responsibility 2016
March 17, 2017
I Module of the Regional Liberal Political Academy (RLPA) completed
March 17, 2017
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The Third Academy of the Political Responsibility Completed

The Academy of the Political Responsibility organized by Foundation Boris Divković was held at Franciscans Monastery St. Bonaventure at Visoko in the period December 9-11, 2016. The Academy promotes the responsible approach of the political act and presents the educational program for the young politicians, students of the political and other social sciences and NGO representatives who work on establishing greater political perceptions of youth and responsible politics in B&H.

The covered topics included: the general concept of the political culture, its development and importance, the dominant paradigm of the regional political culture from the perspective of conception of the world ethos, and also the religion as the underestimated place of the political socialization, the speech analysis, the discussion on politics of (lack of) culture as the assurance for the political success, the challenges of the cooperation between the politics, civil society and education, the media as the space for the manifestation and the formation of the political culture. We also talked about the economy as the political and non-political field in politics, the culture of remembrance and postwar trauma, the correlation between politics and the gender equality, about the new political culture, its assumptions, manifestation and consequences. Moreover, the global political movements of personalities like Vaclav Havel and Wangari Mut Maathai, as well as the regional political portraits of the personalities like Zoran Đinđic, Vlado Gotovac, Bogić Bogićević and Boris Divković were presented.

The lecturers are the respectable professors of the political science, the representatives of the political and public scene, including: Dr. Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović, assistant professor, Prof. Dr. Dino Abazović, Fr. Ivan Šarčević, Alen Kristić, Besima Borić, Amela Sejmenović, Željko Ivanković, Prof. Dr. Vjekoslav Domljan, Prof. Dr. Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, Sabina Ćudić, Sarina Bakić and Dino Mustafić.

With this program, the Foundation wishes to contribute to the development of the new political culture as the unavoidable precondition for the effective functioning of the political structures and the peaceful co-existence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the education of the new, young generation of the politicians and discussion on the topics not present in the public, we wish to influence on introduction of positive examples to the BH political scene.